Hi, I'm Shinsaku Uesugi, an award-winning iOS game developer based in San Francisco. I learned iOS programming in Summer 2014 at MGWU Summer Academy. This page is the portfolio of applications that I built.


Crowd-Sourced API Documentation Browser

As software engineers, we had a big problem that we wanted to solve, which is understanding an API documentation that can be very difficult to read. To solve this problem, we built CrowdDocs, an API documentation browser that supplements existing API documentations with crowd-sourced resources. CrowdDocs is built with React.js/Flux, Node.js/Express, and uses both MongoDB and mySQL for databases.

Homeless Pony

My first iOS game.

Homeless Pony is a puzzle game that won the 3rd Place Award at 2014 MakeGamesWithus iOS Game Development Competition. In this game, you jump in an L-shape like a knight in chess, and your goal is to collect every single carrot on the map, then get to the goal square. In addition, you cannot step on the same square twice because if you do, an activated trap will catch you.

"Shin is actually the first person in the history of MGWU to go through with the common dream [a puzzle game that lets you build your own levels] and actually make it a reality" - Jeremy Rossman, Founder of MGWU



Simple, Fun, and Challenging

Change the squares' colors to make them "assimilate" through colored bars. Tap to change color of a square on that side, and go for the highscore!


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Reverse Rock, Paper, MYO

Award winning game at YC Hacks.

Reverse Rock, Paper, MYO is an iOS game built by 4 other teammates and I at YC Hacks. It is a highscore-based game that allows players to use gesture control armband MYO to play a game of reverse "Rock, Paper, Scissors." Reverse Rock, Paper, MYO won the Apportable Sponsor Award for best use of Cocos2D effects API.


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Fruity Memory

Fruit Naming Game with a Twist.

Fruity Memory is an iOS memory game that challenges your memory and ability to isolate fruit names from prototypical colors. In this game, you are initially asked to remember a fruit on the screen, and when the game starts, you will be asked what was the previous fruit on the screen. Your goal is to answer correctly as much as possible within 60 seconds. The game is over when you out of time, or when you make 3 incorrect choices.


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Tap Pro S

Ultimate Tapping Game.

This game contains scenes with rapidly changing colors. Please take caution if you are affected by epilepsy.

Tap Pro S is a highscore-based iOS tapping game that challenges your reaction and tapping speed. Your goal is to get a highscore by tapping on the side that says "Tap" (left when background is white, right when background is black). You build up a combo by continuously tapping on the correct side, but you lose your combo when you tap on the wrong side. You have 30 seconds, and background color changes 25% of the time every second (10 sec or less left, every 0.5 second). Coming soon on the App Store.


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Save The ICE

My Response to ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Save The ICE is a highscore-based iOS game that I created in response to my friend's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. You tap on the screen to move the black bar at the bottom of the screen, and your goal is to save ice cubes from falling onto the ground, indicated by red bar. This is my first project with Cocos 2D Physics engine. Coming soon on the App Store.


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Mirror Addition: Even or Odd?

Next Level Addition Game.

Mirror Addition is an educational iOS game where you add numbers that appear on the mirror, then decide whether the answer is even or odd. Sounds easy? Try it out and see why I didn't include a highscore screenshot!


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Double Dodge: Ninja Balloons

Divide Your Attention, and Multitask!

Double Dodge: Ninja Balloons is a highscore-based iOS game that challenges your ability to multitask. Your goal is to control the balloons by swiping up or down for the green balloon, and by swiping left or right for the blue balloon, such that they can dodge shurikens coming in.


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Robot War AI Programming Competition

My First Success in Programming.

Robot War AI Programming Competition is a pair-programming competition held at MGWU Summer Academy, where AIs that MGWU students built compete against each other in a game created by MGWU staffs. After battling through tough oppositions, ShingekiNoKyojin9 (shout out to all Attack on Titan fans), built by my talented partner and I, won the competition. Aside from incorporating in-range search from an example code, our AI had following features that enabled us to win:


Chess is one of my biggest hobbies. I became youngest ever National Chess Champion of Japan (16 years, 18 days old) in 2007, represented Japan at 38th Chess Olympiad in 2008, and won the U.S. National High School Chess Championship in 2010.

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